Sendo’s team building

Sendo’s team building is an annual program organized by the company for all employees with the purpose of building teamwork spirit as well as improving the efficiency of working coordination. 2019 is a major turning point in the Sendo’s development with the goal of 1B2019 (means reaching a total value of transactions via of 1 billion USD in 2019), therefore team building program was implemented with deep interest and a completely brand new concept compared to the past years.

Picture 1: Company employees are divided into teamsto increase interactivity and teamwork

With the theme "CHANGE FOR SUCCESS", Team building 2019 was designed to bring extremely new experiences to nearly 1000 Sendo members. Through various real experienced activities and games, each Sendo member might feel and learn lots of  lessons for themselves to motivate the change and their development, thereby they can understand themselves and their teammates thoroughly for a better effective collaboration in work.

Picture 2: The difficulties in work are modeled into motor and teamwork games.

“Overcoming our limitations is a challenge for all of us, especially when we work in an environment with the highest growth rate and change today. The most important starting point of this process is when we realize the shortcomings need to be improved.

Picture 3: Physical activities in Team Building program

Normally, these points do not appear, they only peer in special circumstances and Team building 2019 is a series of situations to help you identify your strengths, your weakness, and a deeper understanding of self, thenceforth building the solid foundation for the change and development of each individual in the future.

Picture 4: At night, it is time for people to settle, refine their thoughts after a day of physical activities

In addition to the self development, know how to teamwork and cooperate to create common success is also an crucial factor for the future. Therefore, the need-to-be-changed points that you realize in this program will also help you become more and more effective when you coordinate and interact with each other in your daily work. ”

Picture 5: Each piece represents each contribution to the overall success of Sendo

Shared by Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu - HR Director of Sen Do - leader of the team in charge of Sendo Team building 2019.

Picture 6: Mr. Nguyen Anh Vu - Sendo's HRD - shared speech about Team Building

After the end of Team building 2019, Sendo-ers have shared their feelings and experiences as follow:

"We came here to understand ourselves and our teammates more thoroughly in order to change together with the goal of success as the aim of Team building 2019."

Le Dinh Vu – Design Team leader (DC2)

“Team building 2019 took us go through such a hundreds of gamut of emotions, it is an interesting journey for each member to discover themselves. 10 questions that made me think more about my starting point, I used to forget my goal, my reason for living, my starting point but after that night, it reminded me a lot of things. I was very impressed with the words of Mr. Tu: "Everyone can see difficulties but we always raise these problems without trying to solve them."

Tran Tien Lam - Technical Team leader (DC1)

“Because of random team division, Team building 2019 bond us much closer together, regardless of whether you are in this department or another center. After Team building, I found that the enthusiasm in work as well as in each individual was greatly stimulated. The atmosphere in the whole company and in each department is much more exciting. The games in Team building help to strengthen the teamwork, find out solutions to solve difficulties together, always keep solidarity to overcome difficulties and reach the common goal. During the 6 years I worked for Sendo, this is the most successful and most enthusiastic Team building which well revived the working mood for Sendo-ers. ”

Vo Thi Anh Nguyet – QC Specialist (MMC)

“The games in Team building are practically applied at work. Previously, I was easily distracted at work, but after this Team building, I know how to plan my work more reasonably. Team building 2019 helps us to improve our teamwork spirit, abandon our ego, know our role in the team and apply into our work to complete well.”

Nguyen Thi Linh - Business Development Specialist (VAS)

Team building 2019 has closed and helped the participants to change their mindset, recognize the points which need to be changed, Sendo-ers have also made a strong commitment to their changes. SLO and HR Department will continue to accompany with all Sendo-ers in the coming time to help you implement and fulfill your commitments and improve yourself better.